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    1. Insidekws
  1. Welcome

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      2"Seeding the future for generations"

      Welcome from Dr. Felix Büchting, CEO

  2. KWS at a glance

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      3Facts and figures

      Interesting facts about our staff, companies, varieties and research

  3. Our world

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      4Faces of growth

      The development of our company since it was founded in 1856 has been a success story to this day, despite many crises and upheavals. We owe that to the many people who have worked for KWS for more than 165 years or continue to do so today.

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      Eight trends in agriculture to which we are strategically adapting

  4. Our values

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      6Independence: "We encourage independent decision-making"

      Our Executive Board member Felix Büchting on one of our four supporting values

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      7Closeness: Befriended at work

      No distance is too far: Alfonso Callegari brings seeds to the Pampa

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      8Foresight: Decisions for the future

      How our Strategic Planning sets the course for success

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      9Reliability: Shaping change

      In the eleventh generation: Sugar beet farmer on his trust in KWS

  5. Our skills

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      10Research: This is how a new variety is created

      Diversity as a basis: out of 100,000 test varieties, one receives the approval

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      11Processing: This is how our seed is created

      From the field to the orange pill: This happens in our production

  6. Our products

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      12Through the day with KWS
    2. DSC03410 Erbsen
      13Cereals: For plates, fuel and animals

      Seven cereals from KWS in our everyday lives

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      14Sugarbeet: Helps cookies and skin to look nice

      More than just sweet: Where sugar is found everywhere

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      15Corn: Everything is used

      Staple food and energy supplier

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      16Vegetables: Precious like gold

      Why color, tact and smell are crucial

  7. Our joint way forward

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      17What's next?

      Arrive well, learn flexibly, develop with a purpose

  8. Our board

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      18Profiles of the members