Our values


"We encourage independent decision-making"

KWS' roots are in agriculture. Our Executive Board member Felix Buechting explains in the video that independent action has always been part of our corporate philosophy.

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Independence is one of KWS' four supporting values - along with foresight, reliability and closeness. This is based on our origins, since KWS' roots are in agriculture, and we still act according to the same principles as the farmer himself: independent, free to make entrepreneurial decisions and prudent.

At KWS, we focus on a sense of responsibility in day-to-day work and therefore encourage our colleagues to make decisions independently and autonomously. To promote this, we create a motivating and appreciative working environment. This is driven by enthusiasm for our products because seed is the basis for future-oriented, sustainable agriculture.

KWS' independence is the basis for foresight and long-term thinking. Both are essential qualities in plant breeding because it usually takes ten years from the first cross to the finished product. KWS' family shareholders know: you need this staying power. That is why this special ownership structure and family character have guaranteed KWS' independence since we were founded in 1856.

KWS is a pure plant breeding company. We focus on developing new and innovative varieties, digital services and holistic advice for our customers. Farmers are independent entrepreneurs who decide anew each year which variety to select, how to manage their stock and which products to use. With our expertise and our tailored solutions, we support farmers in their entrepreneurial independence. In this way, we will remain the trusted partner at their side in the future.

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