Dr. Felix Büchting, CEO

"Seeding the future for generations"

Our CEO, Dr. Felix Büchting, member of the 7th generation of the founding family, explains what is at the heart of our company in this welcome message.

Welcome greeting to be read

Welcome to KWS. It's a great pleasure for us and for me personally to introduce our company KWS to you and to give you an insight into who we are and what we do.

With our vision “Seeding the future for generations”, we are well equipped for the future, and it summarizes all our core values and aspects. The foresight - the long look - planning and thinking in generations, closeness to our customers for the generations to come, as well as reliability and independence.

And how do we accomplish all this? This is well captured in our mission: “Our passion for plants sustains farming, food and planet”. And as you can see, this mission is very much based on our passion, what we do, what gets up out of bed every morning to go to work and to contribute to a sustainable agriculture to develop new varieties for our customers. We are at the beginning of the food value chain with our seeds. Agriculture, and thus our products, have a profound impact on the environment and thus on the planet.

I encourage you to take a closer look, to discover KWS and really harness these first days of arriving - having a fresh look at the company, bringing in your own experiences, your personality, and your cultural background.

Looking very much forward to meeting you at some point in the future.

All the best.

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