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Our Corn Business Unit feeds the world: Grain corn is a staple food in South America.

The route to the customer

The corn in our fields is used mainly as livestock feed; a smaller proportion becomes biogas, and another becomes corn starch for people to eat. We distinguish between silage corn and grain corn. KWS offers both.

The difference only becomes apparent when the crop is harvested: silage corn is harvested as a whole plant when it is still green and chopped into small pieces and preserved in silos. The silage can be fed to cattle all year round or used in biogas plants to generate electricity and heat.

In the case of yellowish-brown, dry grain corn, only corn kernels are harvested in late fall. The rest of the plant remains on the field and supports humus formation. Grain corn is fed to cattle, pigs and poultry as well as used industrially as biofuel and corn starch.

End products
  • Corn oil
  • Corn flour and semolina for tortillas, polenta
  • Corn starch is base for compostable garbage bags, packaging balls, play corn with water like plasticine
  • Corn beers (USA)

Corn is a diverse crop and is fully used. Every – yes really every – part of the plant is used. Corn feeds the world: In many countries, for example in South America, grain corn is the most important staple food. Corn is an essential source of energy and protein for people.

Key figures
  • In the KWS portfolio since: 1955
  • Varieties worldwide: 600 (including China, Brazil, Argentina)
  • Share of KWS' net sales: 43.7% (fiscal 2021/2022)

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