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Many different products are created from our sugarbeet business unit seed.

The way to the customer

After harvest the sugarbeets are transported to the sugar factories, where the sugar is extracted from the sugarbeets in a specialized process. Afterwards the sugar finds its way to the customers either packed or in a processed way in many other products.

Sugarbeets are transported to biogas plants, where either fresh or preserved beets – mostly in a mixture with other plants – are fed to the biogas plant.

Farmers also either feed fresh beet or preserved beets to their cows or sheep.

  • Marmalade
  • Drinks
  • ice-cream
  • medicine
  • electricity
  • animal nutrition
Insider knowledge

27 million tons more sugar is expected to be consumed globally in 10 years time due to population growth and changing consumption habits.

Imagine a train loaded up with this quantity - It would have a length of >14,000 km, which would be more than the driving distance between Berlin and Kapstadt, South Africa.

Help yourself with sugar: create your own cream to heal wounds, use sugar as a face scrub or as a spot remover. Glycosides and glucosides are also found in various cosmetics.

Sugar as a bulking agent – sugar adds texture to many foods. Not only does it affect the physical characteristic of food, but it adds bulk to many foods which in turn impacts on the texture and feel of many foods.

Sugar as a preservative – by acting as a humectant (maintaining and stabilizing the water content in foods) sugar helps to prevent or slow the growth of bacteria, molds and yeast in food like jam and preserves.

Emotional aspect: Sweet products also bring happiness and joy to our lifes: happiness which we get when we see and eat a Birthday cake, joy and childhoods feelings eating an ice-cream!

Key figures
    • In the KWS portfolio since: 1856
    • Varieties worldwide: >350
    • Share of KWS' net sales: 38.2% (fiscal 2021/2022)

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